[R] Apologies -- spam filter mail

kmself@ix.netcom.com kmself at ix.netcom.com
Mon Oct 2 19:39:23 CEST 2000

My apologies to this list for an automated spam reply which made its way
here recently.  I've been advised of it by several subscribers off-list.

I've disabled the automated response feature of my spam filter (Lars
Wirzenius's "spamfilter" procmail recipies).  I'm finding the tool
effective but overly aggressive -- if anyone here has experience with
this tool, I'd appreciate pointers.  Off list only.

Please advise me of any future anti-spam generated content, I'll disable
the program completely if any should occur.

Thank you.

Karsten M. Self <kmself at ix.netcom.com>     http://www.netcom.com/~kmself
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