[R] Windows Memory

Matt Pocernich mjpocern at ouray.cudenver.edu
Fri Mar 17 09:00:04 CET 2000

I'm sure this question is answered in the help file, but likely I'm not reading it corrected.

Running  windows version 1.00.0, loading a table (35K rows by 10 columns) from Excel using the read.table command I receive the following message. 

Error: cons memory (350000 cells) exhausted
       See "help(Memory)" on how to increase the number of cons cells.

>From reading the help file, I've learned a bit more about static memory, but I'm not sure where to place the 

R --vsize=15M --nsize=1000k

line.  Where should this line be placed?  (Or in which file?)

Thanks for your time.

Matt Pocernich

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