[R] postscript device on R-1.1.0

Patrick Brown p.e.brown at lancaster.ac.uk
Fri Jun 16 15:07:56 CEST 2000

Am I the only one with this problem?  

> postscript()
Error in old$command == "default" : comparison (1) is possible only for
vector types

The function postscript() is creates a list called "old".  the function
wants to access old$command, but old does not have a component called

> postscript
function (file = ifelse(onefile, "Rplots.ps", "Rplot%03d.ps"), 
    onefile = TRUE, ...) 
    new <- list(onefile = onefile, ...)
    old <- check.options(new = new, name.opt = ".PostScript.Options", 
        reset = FALSE, assign.opt = FALSE)
    if (old$command == "default") 
        old$command <- if (!is.null(cmd <- getOption("printcmd"))) 
        else ""
    .Internal(PS(file, old$paper, old$family, old$bg, old$fg, 
        old$width, old$height, old$horizontal, old$pointsize, 
        old$onefile, old$pagecentre, old$print.it, old$command))
> temp_check.options(new=list(onefile=T), name.opt =
".PostScript.Options", reset=F, assign.opt=F)
> names(temp)
 [1] "paper"      "horizontal" "width"      "height"     "family"    
 [6] "pointsize"  "bg"         "fg"         "onefile"    "print.it"  
[11] "append"     "pagecentre"

postscript works if I change 
  if (old$command == "default")
  if (is.null(old$command)) 

and another problem with R-1.1.0, 

if "./configure --gui=gnome" tells you it didn't configure gnome support,
run "./configure" before doing "make" and "make install".

./configure told me it wouldn't install gnome support, as I'm  
missing some libraries. After doing "make" and "make install", R wouldn't     
plot on an x11 window.  it works fine after re-running ./configure.

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