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Kong, Chuang Fong c.kong at pmci.unimelb.edu.au
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Sorry for not making myself clear. I am actually using the print manual to
print instead of win.print. When I tried to print with win.print, I was not
able to send the print job to the printer. Why?
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On Thu, 8 Jun 2000, Kong, Chuang Fong wrote:

> Dear all,
> Thanks for the response. I did try to change width, height in win.graph
I wrote win.print

> it does not work either. I now belief that it is not a paper size problem
> but something else; either the restriction of the device windows (which I
> not know how to change) or ???? Basically, I am not able to print the
> printable area of a4. When I make more figures in a plot, it just shrink
> of the fingers smaller to fit into the centre area. Please help.

Please do follow the help you are given. If I do

> win.print(width=8, height=10.5)
> par(mfrow=c(3,2))
> for(i in 1:6) plot(1:10)
> dev.off()

I get a layout of plots filling a US letter page.  You will not get this
if you use the Print menu from a windows() device: that prints to the
default size.

It would have been much easier to help if you had said exactly how you
were trying to print on what platform.

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