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I tried a few things with the date package and this is one of the result I

xd<-c("19-May-00", "22-May-00", "23-May-00", "24-May-00", "25-May-00")

xd<-c("19-May-2000", "22-May-2000", "23-May-2000", "24-May-2000",
[1] 19May2000 22May2000 23May2000 24May2000 25May2000

Any suggestion on how to word around this little problem? Note that this is
a small sample, I would not like to have to do these corrections to hundreds
of dates manualy.

Thanks in advance


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> On Wed, 7 Jun 2000, Yves Gauvreau wrote:
> > Thanks for your prompt reply.
> >
> > I just want to point something out. I already had the date package
> > and when I tried help( I got "Error in help( : No
> > documentation for `'". There is no mention of it either in the
> > index of the package (date) in fact it's not mentioned anywhere except
> > the source. I don't think this can be called a bug but it would be nice
> > be able to find minimal documentation on this function.
> I could say that you might expect to get formatted dates when using plot()
> on a date object, but in fact you are completely correct and I need to
> update the documentation on the date package.
> > This situation bring me to think that it would be nice to have a way to
> > information even when you don't know if it exist, some kind of
> > index. At this time I do this kind of search using the html search
> > facilities. Is there some other way that one could this?
> Some of this can be done with apropos(), but I don't think you can keyword
> search from inside R. It would be nice.
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