[R] batch mode in linux

John P. Burkett burkett at uriacc.uri.edu
Thu Jul 27 21:53:26 CEST 2000

I'm trying to learn how to use R version 1.1.0 under Mandrake Linux
version 6.1.  Using R interactively, I get good results.  However, when
I attempt to execute commands from a file (following the directions in
section 1.10 of An Introduction to R, version 1.10) my output
disappears.  As a default or after a sink() command, I would expect to
see output on the console, but none appears.  After a sink("record.lis")
command, I would expect to find the output in the record.lis file, but
it is empty.  The commands in my input file (e.g., summary(fm)) produce
output in interactive mode, so I don't understand why no output appears
in batch mode.  Any error in the input file produces an error message on
the console.  But when I correct the error, there is still no visible
output.  Any help would be appreciated.

John P. Burkett
Department of Economics
University of Rhode Island
10 Chafee Road, Suite 3
Kingston, RI 02881-0808

phone:  (401) 874-4122
fax:    (401) 874-2858

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