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I am almost new in R, so perhaps my question will be silly.

I try to use R for analyzing capture-recapture data in epidemiology. A cancer registry has different sources of patients. We know in each list, patients already known in all other list. The aim is to use capture-recapture models for estimating the number of patients unknow of all the sources.

Because no order in sources, one cannot use classical models for closed animal populations (models M(bht) of Otis ) so I use hierarchical loglinear model, moreover for controlling interactions (dependence) between sources. For me it sound a little strange when I read in papers that authors use 'glm' and 'predict' for this problem even if I know that loglinear are in generalized linear model.

Why don't use 'loglin'? What is the code for this problem using 'glm' + 'predict'.

I thank you in advance for your help,

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