[R] R-1.1.0 on Alpha?

F.Tusell etptupaf at bs.ehu.es
Fri Jul 7 08:59:54 CEST 2000

> Has anyone succeeded in compiling R-1.1.0 on a Digital (Compaq) Alpha 
> running OSF4.0F (or E)? Everything seems to compile OK (except the 
> frequent "Warning: Unresolved:" at link time - this threw me off the 
> scent for a while!), but then at run time I get: 

  I had the same problem, but under Linux (not under OSF). In my case, 
  I would get missing symbols that were exported by R-X11.so, I seem to 
  recall. It seems that my machine (a DS-10, 21264 ev6 chip) was not
  being properly recognized. I got help from several individuals: below
  is a copy of one message I kept for future reference, which may
  or may not be of assistance in your situation. Prof. Brian Ripley
  told me that changes had been made by Kurt Hornik to fix the problem
  in the next release.

  Hope this helps.

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> Date: Wed, 21 Jun 2000 10:53:52 +0200
> From: "F.Tusell" <etptupaf at bs.ehu.es>
> To: ntakebay at bio.indiana.edu
> CC: p.dalgaard at biostat.ku.dk, ripley at stats.ox.ac.uk
> Subject: Re: [R] Compiling R on an Alpha
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> >  Date: Tue, 20 Jun 2000 12:33:23 -0500 (EST)
> >  From: Naoki Takebayashi <ntakebay at bio.indiana.edu>
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> >  
> >  >    Yes, it is 21264, ev6.
> >  
> >  I looked into the problem in more detail.
> >  As I suspected, the problem is that ./configure can't correctly guess
> >  your machine!!  Try "fgrep alpha tools/config*"
> >  
> >  You will see that tools/config.guess has the "alphaev6" entries. But,
> >  tools/config.sub does not have alphaev6. Also notice alphapca56 (mine)
> >  is missing from config.sub. You can add alphaev6 to the two places in
> >  config.sub, and recompile it.  Or ./configure --host=alpha does the same
> >  thing, and may be easier.
>    Naoki,
>            ./configure --host=alpha
>    did no good, as I reported  to you earlier this morning. But adding
>    alphaev6 at two places in  tools/config.sub did the job! I now have
>    a working R-1.1.0.
>    I am  still at a loss why  this happens. I would  have thought that
>    the  alphaev56  entry would  catch  my  machine,  even if  generating
>    slightly  less   efficient  code  (runable   in  both  ev5   and  ev6
>    processors).  But it seems that this is not the case.
>    Thank you very much again. This  is probably not a bug but a quirk,
>    and I send copy of this to Peter Dalgaard and Brian Ripley, both of
>    whom  also took  time  to  offer suggestions.   They  will know  if
>    tweaking the tools/config.sub is adequate for general distribution.

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