[R] Activating Graphics History

Jim Ianelli Jim.Ianelli at noaa.gov
Fri Jan 28 18:17:15 CET 2000

I'm having trouble finding documentation on how
to activate the "record graphics history" option via 
a command line (as opposed to having to use the menu).  

I would like to store a series of graphics.  The readme says:

`The History menu allows the recording of plots. When plots have been
recorded they can be reviewed by PgUp and PgDn, saved and replaced.
Recording can be turned on automatically (the Recording item on the list) or
individual plots can be added (Add or the INS key). The whole plot history
can be saved to or retrieved from an R variable in the global environment. 

But I can't find anything about setting the recording of plots
without using the menu.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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