[R] plotting spectrum of time series etc

zj@expert.cc.purdue.edu zj at expert.cc.purdue.edu
Tue Feb 1 14:37:11 CET 2000

Hi, everyone, I tried to use "spectrum()" or "spec.pgram()" to get a
periodogram of a time series but they didn't work.
Even the examples given in the help file didn't work (all with the same
error message, below). And the 'ts'ibrary was
loaded with "library(ts)" or "library("ts"). I also tried
library(tseries) but got the same problem. Could anyone please
give me some help with this?

> spectrum(seriesa)
Error in plot.spec(spg.out, ...) : binary operator applied to invalid

Also, I'm running R under windows 95, and I can't seem to set the line
length of the display right. So sometimes I got an error message that's
too long and I can't read it in full. I tried options(width=??) or
.Options$width=??, they changed the values, but had no effect on the

Thanks a lot!
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