[R] TSERIES package dependencies

Andrew Criswell andy at arcriswell.com
Fri Dec 22 17:51:42 CET 2000

Hello All:

In the package "tseries" I observed a dependency with pacakge "mva". But, I can't find this package on CRAN. Is this package actually required and if so, where can I locate it?


P.S. I am using R 1.2.0 on linux mandrake 7.1 platform.
P.P.S. the info on tseries follows from CRAn below:
tseries: Package for time series analysis with emphasize on non-linear and non-stationary modelling.


Depends:package ts (included in the R release), white.test needs package mva, portfolio.optim needs package quadprog, get.hist.quote needs package chron.


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