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Martin Maechler maechler at stat.math.ethz.ch
Wed Dec 20 19:11:39 CET 2000


PLEASE re-configure your E-mail program,
the mail that you sent to R-help 
contains TONS AND TONS of HTML-"garbage".

Please send E-mail to mailing lists __WITHOUT ANY HTML TAGS__.

>>>>> "Oscar" == Oscar  <orp at intras.es> writes:

    Oscar> It was my fault, as you have seen. Y matrix must contain successes and failures, and not successes and trials.
    Oscar> Sorry for my ignorance and thanks a lot for your help.

    Oscar> Oscar<html>
    Oscar> <head>
    Oscar> <meta name="GENERATOR" content="IncrediMail 1.0">
    Oscar> </head>

    Oscar> <BODY background="" bgColor=#ffffff style="BACKGROUND-POSITION: 0px 0px; FONT-FAMILY: Arial" scroll=yes ORGYPOS="0">
    Oscar> <TABLE border=0 cellPadding=2 cellSpacing=0 id=INCREDIMAINTABLE width="100%">
    Oscar> <TBODY>
    Oscar> <TR>
    Oscar> <TD id=INCREDIHEADER width="100%"></TD>
    Oscar> </TR>
    Oscar> <TR>
    Oscar> <TD id=INCREDITEXTREGION width="100%">
    Oscar> <DIV><FONT face="Courier New" size=2>It was my fault, as you have seen. Y 
    Oscar> matrix must contain successes and failures, and not successes and 
    Oscar> trials.</FONT></DIV>
    Oscar> <DIV><FONT face="Courier New" size=2>Sorry for my ignorance and 
    Oscar> thanks&nbsp;a lot&nbsp;for your help.</FONT></DIV>
    Oscar> <DIV>&nbsp;</DIV>
    Oscar> <DIV><FONT face="Courier New" size=2>Oscar</FONT></DIV>
    Oscar> <DIV>&nbsp;</DIV>
    Oscar> <DIV>&nbsp;</DIV></TD>
    Oscar> </TR>
    Oscar> <TR>
    Oscar> <TD id=INCREDIFOOTER width="100%">
    Oscar> <TABLE cellPadding=0 cellSpacing=0 width="100%">
    Oscar> <TBODY>
    Oscar> <TR>
    Oscar> <TD width="100%"></TD>
    Oscar> <TD align=middle id=INCREDISOUND vAlign=bottom></TD>
    Oscar> <TD align=middle id=INCREDIANIM vAlign=bottom></TD>
    Oscar> </TR>
    Oscar> </TBODY>
    Oscar> </TABLE>
    Oscar> </TD>
    Oscar> </TR>
    Oscar> </TBODY>
    Oscar> </TABLE><SPAN 
    Oscar> id=IncrediStamp>
    Oscar> <P align=left><FONT face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" 
    Oscar> size=2>__________________________________________________<BR><FONT 
    Oscar> face="Comic Sans MS" size=2><I>IncrediMail</I> - <B>Email has finally 
    Oscar> evolved</B> - </FONT><A href="http://www.incredimail.com/imstamp26.html"><FONT 
    Oscar> face="Times New Roman" size=3><B><U>Click 
    Oscar> Here</U></B></FONT></A></P></SPAN></FONT>
    Oscar> </BODY>
    Oscar> </html>
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