[R] Aha, it was a problem in gv, not R!

Paul Johnson pauljohn at ukans.edu
Thu Aug 10 18:32:12 CEST 2000

Yesterday I asked about saved ps files not being the same as screen
appearance.  Today I've just discovered the problem is in gv, the ps
viewer, rather than R, because I can print those R-outputted ps files on
the printer and they look fine. In addition, I downloaded the Gnome
viewer "ggv" and it shows the lines as they ought to be.

I'm still trying to configure this output the way I need it.  If
somebody has a relatively full-featured example of a program with a
graph with lots of separate things on it, I could probably figure what I
need from that.  I keep getting stuck on all these little details, like
trying to set the legend for the separate lines or controlling the paper
size of the postscript output.

Thanks in advance.

Paul Johnson wrote:
> With R-1.1, RH Linux 6.2, I created the three "overlaid" graphs:
> data<-read.table("DataCulture0",header=T,as.is = TRUE)
> attach(data)
> tmp1<-plot(acquaint~T,type='l', ylim=c(0,1),ylab="average
> proportion",xlab="PERIOD",xlim=c(1,6000),lty=1,pch=1,main="")
> par("new"=TRUE)
> tmp2<-plot(harmony~T,type='l', ylim=c(0,1),ylab="average
> proportion",xlab="PERIOD",xlim=c(1,6000),lty=2,pch=1,main="")
> par("new"=TRUE)
> tmp3<-plot(identical~T,type='l', ylim=c(0,1),ylab="average
> proportion",xlab="PERIOD",xlim=c(1,6000),lty=3,pch=1,main="")
> Problems.
> 1. I want to label each line that is plotted on the graph.  Is there a
> non interactive way to do it?  My coauthor uses S+ and he used  a
> sequence of commands like this:
> identify.xyplot(tmp1,labels=acq,n=1,adj=0)
> But I don't think it is exactly what I want.
> 2. When I run the code above, the screen shows 3 lines with different
> line styles.  IF I start over again with
> > postscript("../output.ps")
> and then run the commands again, and then
> > dev.off()
> null device
>           1
> In the ps file that is saved, all of the lines look the same.
> I used the Gimp to take a "screenshot" of the figure as it looks in R:
> http://lark.cc.ukans.edu/~pauljohn/exampleRGraph.gif
> And the postscript output looks like this:
> http://lark.cc.ukans.edu/~pauljohn/exampleRGraph.ps
> Any help in saving graphs would be appreciated.  I feel totally
> clueless, and I've been looking pretty hard in the V&R and R-intro.
> 3. In light of difficulty with line styles, I experimented with
> character options with type='o' and various pch=x. Those pictures looked
> terrible because the symbols were all too dense.  I guess I need
> something to print every 100th point there?
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