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Yves Gauvreau cyg at sympatico.ca
Wed Aug 2 13:21:34 CEST 2000


I just want to point out a discrepancy between the documentation of predict.nnet & the function definition.

>?predict.nnet =>

predict.nnet              package:nnet              R Documentation

Predict New Examples by a Trained Neural Net


     Predict new examples by a trained neural net.


     predict.nnet(object, x, type=c("raw","class"))


  object: an object of class `nnet' as  returned by `nnet'. 

       x: matrix or data frame of test examples. A vector is considered
          to be a row vector comprising a single case. 

>predict.nnet =>

predict.nnet <- function(object, newdata, type=c("raw","class"), ...)
  if(!inherits(object, "nnet")) stop("object not of class nnet")

This is on

platform Windows   
arch     x86       
os       Win32     
system   x86, Win32
major    1         
minor    1.0       
year     2000      
month    June      
day      15        
language R  

and the nnet file is dated 7/19/00

No offence intended.


Yves Gauvreau

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