[R] Dumping functions to RCS

Douglas Bates bates at stat.wisc.edu
Fri Apr 28 16:08:36 CEST 2000

"F.Tusell" <etptupaf at bs.ehu.es> writes:

> To keep track of an ongoing  programming project, I would like to dump
> all my  functions to individual  ASCII files named xxx.R,  yyy.R, etc.
> Presently I do  so manually in order to use RCS  (on a Linux machine),
> so I can keep track of all versions, differences, snapshots, etc.
> Is  there any  easy way  to  dump all  functions in  the workspace  to
> individually named files? Thank you very much for any ideas.

You can use dump() in a loop over the result of objects().  I added
one enhancement below to select only the functions.

 > sqr <- function(X) X^2
 > cube <- function(X) X^3
 > x <- 1:3
 > for (obj in objects()) {   # produces files sqr.R and cube.R
 +     if (is.function(get(obj))) {
 +         dump(obj, fileout = paste(obj, ".R", sep = ''))
 +     }
 + }

I think the preferred solution is to create your own R package and to
use RCS (or CVS) to maintain the source directories for the package.

Creating packages for R is actually rather easy now that scripts like

 R CMD build <pkgname>

are available.  The process is described in the manual "Writing R

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