[R] DLL/shared libraries and .Call()

Fredrik Vang fvang at stud.hum.ku.dk
Sat Apr 8 15:04:48 CEST 2000

Hello folks!

I've desperately been trying to write some shared libraries/DLLs using the .Call() interface. I can't get the symbols to resolve. Under Linux, dyn.load() tells me that the following (and presumably much more) is missing:


Under Windows, I simply can't get R to build under cygwin for the life of me. (Embarassing to admit, but those are the facts.) And since the binary distribution's DLL is stripped, I can't build the R.a file, which I presume--but don't know for sure--that I need (e.g. for calls like AllocVector() or anything else that needs to call R code).

Please, someone, help me out. Does anybody have an appropriate R.a file (or whatever I need to resolve the symbols) for Win98/R-1.0.0 or some advice about how to get it to work under Linux? Has anyone been successful in using the .Call() interface?

Best regards,

Fredrik Vang

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