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Jesús María Frías Celayeta iosu at ensia.inra.fr
Tue Sep 21 10:44:31 CEST 1999


> I downloaded R-base-0.64.1-1 for Linux and for Windows and in both I cannot find princomp.
> When I type library(help=mva), princomp is not listed.

	Well, princomp is not listed in the library index, but it is
installed and you can use it. That happened  in 0.64.1 and it keeps on

	In fact if you do,

> library(mva)
> library(help=mva)
cancor                   Canonical Correlations
cmdscale                 Classical (Metric) Multidimensional Scaling
dist                     Distance Matrix Computation
hclust                   Hierarchical Clustering
kmeans                   K-Means Clustering
prcomp                   Principal Components Analysis

princomp is not listed, but if you call the princomp help page

> help(princomp)

   Principal Components Analysis

        princomp(x, cor = FALSE, scores = TRUE,
                 subset = rep(TRUE, nrow(as.matrix(x))))

        print(obj,...)  summary(obj)  plot(obj,...)  predict(obj,...)



or you can work out the example

>         data(USArrests)
>         (pc.cr <- princomp(USArrests))
princomp(x = USArrests)

Standard deviations:
   Comp.1    Comp.2    Comp.3    Comp.4 
82.890847 14.069560  6.424204  2.457837 

 4  variables and  50 observations.
>         princomp(USArrests, cor = TRUE)
princomp(x = USArrests, cor = TRUE)

Standard deviations:
   Comp.1    Comp.2    Comp.3    Comp.4 
1.5748783 0.9948694 0.5971291 0.4164494 

 4  variables and  50 observations.
>         princomp(scale(USArrests, scale = TRUE, center = TRUE), cor =
princomp(x = scale(USArrests, scale = TRUE, center = TRUE), cor = FALSE)

Standard deviations:
   Comp.1    Comp.2    Comp.3    Comp.4 
1.5590500 0.9848705 0.5911277 0.4122639 

 4  variables and  50 observations.

	This is a minor thing that i discovered sometime ago working with
the mva library, but 

> Where can I find it ?
> Moritz

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