[R] Pre-release of R-0.64.1 for Windows

Guido Masarotto guido at sirio.stat.unipd.it
Tue May 4 08:13:08 CEST 1999

A pre-release of R-0.64.1 for Windows is available at 
Since there are a lot of Windows specific changes (see below for a list), 
we hope that many Windows users of R will test this version and make comments. 

REMARK: I am posting this message on r-help hoping to reach a larger number
of Windows users. But, please, replay or directly to Brian D. Ripley 
(ripley at stats.ox.ac.uk) and me (guido at stat.unipd.it) or to r-devel.


An installer (rwinst.exe).

There is a choice of interface for Rgui:

o  SDI, single document interface. This is like the previous version,
   with separate windows for the console, graphics and pager(s).

o  MDI, multiple document interface.  Here the console, graphics and
   pagers are subwindows of one main `frame' window.

You can set your preference (and details of the MDI) in the Rconsole
file: this can also be overriden on the command line by --mdi or

If you use multiple files in a single SDI pager, the (row) positions
are remembered and re-used when you switch views in the pager.

For MDI pagers, the pager size is chosen by the system, and only
multiple pagers are supported.

When pagers are re-sized the strategy is now to keep the middle line
in the middle.

The option `setwidthonresize' in Rconsole automatically generates an
internal call to options("width") if you resize the console and change
its width.  This is the default, but we suggest you do not resize
while R is outputting.

The console, pagers and graphics devices now have right-click popup
menus, and you can paste from a pager to the console directly.

There is a new console menu item to show a file in a pager. This is
intended to allow lines to be selected in an script file displayed in 
a pager and submitted to the R engine.

`Busy' cursors are used where appropriate: a cross-hair cursor is
used on a graphics device to indicator that locator() (or identify())
is in use.

The file HOME\.Renviron is now read. This can contain environment
variables in NAME=value form, one per line. This is useful for setting

You can now paste in more to the console: the limit (which was 2048
chars) is now that of the clipboard. Pasting can take place whilst
the console is busy.

The command `make pkgcheck-pkgname' will do the equivalent of `R CMD
check', that is run all the examples in the help pages for that package.

unlink can now handle wildcards and a vector argument of length more than

R for Windows source is included in the main R distribution.

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