[R] Y2K compliance of R

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Tue Mar 30 22:49:58 CEST 1999

       Sounds like they would like to blame someone if something
       happens to the R-installation?
       Anywhay, could you clarify what you mean by being "Y2K"
       complaint? Do you have something like this in mind? (I could be
       > library(date)
       > as.date(14400)
       [1] 5Jun99
       > as.date(14700)
       [1] 31Mar2000
       > mdy.date(3, 6, 01)
       [1] 6Mar1
       > mdy.date(3, 6, 2001)
       [1] 6Mar2001
       > mdy.date(3, 6, 2001) - mdy.date(2, 8, 99)
       [1] 757
       > mdy.date(3, 6, 01) - mdy.date(2, 8, 99)
       [1] -35768

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       Hi, I was thinking to ask the University computing Labs here
       to install R and I was told they need a statement that the
       software (R) is Y2K compliant. Which I cannot find in CRAN. (in
       addition to the licensing info).

       Is it a big issue to put such a statement in R? or this has
       legal implications that R do not want as a "free" software?

       If possible I would like to see the statement on both Unix AND
       Win version of R so I can ask them to "officially install" R on
       the labs machines.

       Mai Z

       mai at ms.uky.edu

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