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Paul Kienzle pkienzle at kienzle.powernet.co.uk
Mon Mar 22 10:39:03 CET 1999

Mark Hansel <hansel at hansel.moorhead.msus.edu> writes...

>Second, on Intel, I cannot use destructive erase (backspace or ^H). I am
>running this in an xterm and have not tried an emacs shell. No such
>trouble on the alpha platform. Is this an ncurses version problem? If so,
>what version do I need. Is it a terminal emulation problem? If so, is
>there a spot in the configure.in file to set this --in the Makefile?
>With my typing, I need the destructive backspace. Hence, the next point
>applies to the alpha platform only.

It works for me on intel.  Check out the Keyboard and Console HOWTO since
I did pretty much everything they suggested, including:


	stty erase ^h

	*VT100*backarrowKey: true

	key 14 = Backspace
	key 111 = Delete

I have no idea anymore which of these incantations is required, and it
probably depends on which system you are running.  Also, I may have
missed a couple.

>Third, the failures I am getting on the alpha occur trying to plot fortran
>generated x,y coordinates that are read from file (along with 30 some
>other measures) with Dat <- table.read(). I have extracted the relevant
>measures to what I thought would be vectors with x <-
>Dat[correct_subscript], y <- Dat[sub]. (Dumping x and y looks correct,
>though data values have quotes -- it looks like strings of digits rather
>than floating point numbers?) Plot(x,y) give "unable to coerce to vector
>14(?)" (paraphrase).
>cor(x,y) returns the same error.

Which sounds exactly like the problem I had.  It seems table.read()
returns a list, and Dat[correct_subscript] is a list of one element
that element being the vector of interest.  Try using instead
Dat[[correct_subscript]] which returns the single element rather
than the whole list.

Paul Kienzle
pkienzle at cs.indiana.edu

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