[R] rw0642

Guido Masarotto guido at hal.stat.unipd.it
Sun Jul 25 19:11:45 CEST 1999

On Fri, Jul 23, 1999 at 02:53:03PM +0000, Peter B. Mandeville wrote:
> Among other computers, I am using rw0642 on an IBM 300GL with 32MB RAM and
> Windows98.
> 1. If after opening rw0642 the first command is to help such as "? par",
> when the help window is closed by clicking X in the upper right corner of
> the help window the following message is shown

  This is a bug. Strangely enough, I can replicate it under Win98 but not under  WinNT. And also under Win98, it didn't happen all the time.
  Can you confirm that closing the help window after more than one have been
  open NEVER gives problems (I tried for 20 minutes today) ?

> 2. I often cut code from wordpad and notepad to the clipboard and paste it
> in rw0642. If I cut and paste the following code
> 	par(ask=T)
> 	plot(rnorm(500),main="First")
> 	plot(rnorm(500),main="Second")
> The first plot is shown and I get the following in the console
> 	> par(ask=T)
> 	> plot(rnorm(500),main="First")
> 	Hit <Return> to see next plot: plot(rnorm(500
> 	> ,main="Second")
> 	Error: syntax error

  This is what is expected to happen: answer to "Hit <Return>..." is 
  expected from the console but the console has some input pending..
  Perhaps, you are wondering why the console 'automatically' return
  after processing only a part of the third line. The answer is that
  the R "read console" function returns either when a <Return> key
  is seen or when a maximum number of characters are seen (to avoid
  buffer overflow).

> If I cut and paste the following code
> 	par(ask=T)
> 	plot(rnorm(500),main="First")
> 	plot(rnorm(500),main="Second")
> Sometimes it works properly. This is didn't occur in previous versions.
  I suppose that the blank line means "two pasting operation". This 
  should work if the second paste is done AFTER responding to the
  "Hit <Return>...".

> 2. The graphics pointer in "identify()" and "locator()" isn't visible in
> the Graphics Window. This didn't occur in versions before Rw0641.

  Are you running some 'complicated' desktop theme? If so, does
  the problem disappear when you run the default theme (from Control
  Pane - Desktop themes - select 'Predefined Windows').
  Motivation of the two questions: starting from Rw0641, identify() and 
  locator() change the cursor to a cross hair looking one; this should exist
  in every Windows installation; anyway, I observed that the way the event loop
  is run during 'identify' and friends is not appropriate if drawing the 
  cursor require more time than the standard one. For this I have a
  fix which would appear in the next release. If you want, I will
  be glad to provide you with a revised 0.64.2 R.dll for testing.

> 5. What is the minimum RAM necessary for Rw0642? I have found that it will
> run on computers with 32MB RAM but not with 16MB RAM.

  I always test any new release on my daughter P100 16MB RAM Win95 machine
  (which is the lowest end machine I have access).
  So, at least on that machine, 16MB are enough. 
  However, keep in mind that that standard values for vsize and nsize
  has been increased since 0.64.1. So, probably, you want to set them
  again to a smaller values.

> 6. It has been reported to me that the command "windows()" only copies the
> last graph rather then all of them as it did previously in other versions.
   I am lost. 'windows()' open a new graphic device. It shouldn't copy

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