[R] avoiding (another) error

Martin Maechler maechler at stat.math.ethz.ch
Fri Jan 8 12:04:16 CET 1999

>>>>> "Lorenz" == Lorenz Gygax <lgygax at access.unizh.ch> writes:

    Lorenz> Dear all, Many thanks to all who always so quickly respond with
    Lorenz> helpful hints!

    Lorenz> Currently I am working with R 0.63.1 on SuSE 5.2 which I
    Lorenz> installed this morning within about half an hour: my deepest
    Lorenz> compliments to the developpers! (I had still 0.62.2 before.)

    Lorenz> This time I am trying the following:

	> xy <- list (a= c (1, 2, NA), b= c (2, 3))
	> list.name <- "xy"
	> get (list.name)$a [is.na (get (list.name)$a)] <- 0
	Error: couldn't find function "get<-"
	> xy
	[1] 1 2 0

	[1] 2 3

    Lorenz> So obvisouly R *does* what I would like it to do.

But it shouldn't and this is the real bug here!

    Lorenz> How can I get
    Lorenz> it to do it without the error? The problem is that I need to do
    Lorenz> this within a function.

One way (maybe the most elegant?) :

	xy <- list (a= c (1, 2, NA), b= c (2, 3)); list.name <- "xy"

	A <- .Alias(get(list.name)) 
	A$a[is.na(A$a)] <- 0

	xy $ a	# -> 1 2 0
	##-- would this be a convincing example for  .Alias() ??

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