[R] rw-faq clarification + simple question + bug(?)

Simon Fear fears at roycastle.liv.ac.uk
Tue Apr 6 16:45:53 CEST 1999

Windows users note: the rw-faq says

|1.8) Can I use rw0xx with ESS and emacs?
|Yes. Some time soon versions of ESS (5.1.3 has a `somewhat rough'
|prototype for rw0632) will come with support for this version of R. If
|yours does not, edit essd-r.el to have
|    (inferior-ess-start-args       . "--ess"))
|and make sure you give the full path to Rterm.exe as the R executable.
|(You can add other flags like --vsize 10M after -ess.)

However, if you want to use iESS edit object and many other functions in
the iESS dropdown menu, you must also first edit the distributed file
[ess-path]/lisp/essd-r32.el to reflect the pathname for your
installation of Rterm, and then before calling M-x R you MUST first

M-x load-library RET essd-r32

This will become automatic in future releases of ESS, but I don't know
when that will be.

Now a simple question: I added --vsize 64M --nsize 1000000 options, but
I only get

> gc()
         free  total
Ncells  90030 200000
Vcells 224652 262144

Have I hit a limit or is the command actually ignored? When I give these
options to Rgui I get

> gc()
          free   total
Ncells  890030 1000000
Vcells 8351116 8388608

Finally, there seems to be a bug/incompatibility between rw0633 and
ess-5.1.3. It is necessary to edit out the default addition of
--no-readline within essd-r.el (at least if you don't want a warning
every start-up). I have just quickly edited

;  (let ((r-start-args  (concat "--no-readline "
  (let ((r-start-args  (concat ""

but suspect a lot of this code section is redundant now.

Incidentally, what's the problem with interfacing the cygwin bash? In
rw0632/ess despite the warnings I could use system('set') no problem.
Now it says 'set not found'. I can still do

> system('uname -a')
CYGWIN_NT-4.0 STATS 20.0 (0.1/1/1) 1998-11-2 05:59:57 i686 unknown

(I resolved my dilemma as to whether this is an ess or R report by
writing to both lists. Apologies to those who get this twice.)

Simon Fear

Dr S.C. Fear
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