R-beta: compiling R-0.62.3 on SuSe Linux

Albrecht Gebhardt agebhard at zidsrv.sci.uni-klu.ac.at
Fri Oct 2 10:04:13 CEST 1998

Second try, first message got lost (does the mailing list not accept

On Thu, 1 Oct 1998, Martyn Plummer wrote:

> I've just seen your SuSe RPMS. Why don't you get these mirrored
> by CRAN? The CRAN directory structure was changed to allow
> different linux flavours - we currently have:
> R-CRAN/bin/linux/debian
> R-CRAN/bin/linux/redhat
> so it would be easy to add suse. Ask Fritz.

I will do so, but first I should restructure my ftp server a little bit,
because there are many other RPMS not related to R in the same directory:


Another problem could be, that my SuSE installations are 80% SuSE and 20%
self made RPMs, that means I should check my RPMs on 100% SuSE machines.

> I noticed that you have different RPMs for each CRAN package.
> Do you have a script for this, and if so can I have a copy?

Yes, of course. It can be found at


I added a new command "R LIBINDEX" to $RHOME/etc:


This makes it easier to write the post install/uninstall scripts. May be
this could go into future R versions? 


  make-R-spec package version release
e.g. "make-R-spec tripack 1.0 1"  generates R-tripack-1.0.spec

The resulting spec file has to be edited a little bit: 
+ Insert the contents from the TITLE file as description. 
+ Some packages have Makefiles, so you can use "make clean", others have
+ The prefix (usually /usr/local) can be changed.
It works for most libraries at CRAN, but for the VR packages I had to
create several subpackages manually, see my SRPM at


> Finally, I'd like to ask you about BLAS. I decided not to use
> BLAS as it is not distributed with RedHat, but I could always
> distribute the contributed BLAS RPM with the R ones. Does it
> make a big difference?

I did not make any tests for speed, may be I should. I installed blas and
lapack libraries for other reasons and started later using them for R,
just because they where found by "configure".


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