[R] R functionality -- some of the graphics:

Martin Maechler maechler at stat.math.ethz.ch
Mon Nov 30 18:16:36 CET 1998

One of the R pluses *is* in the graphics, IMO.

1) It allows  Mathematical Text !!!


   Unfortunately, this is still mostly undocumented.
   However, Paul Murrell & Ross Ihaka have a paper submitted which
   describes it.  

   A bit (:-) exaggerated,
     `Basically,  R  has TeX inside'  [this is me, not the above authors..].

2) It allows you to specify   line types `very detailed'
     => ?par  has

     lty: The line type.  Line types can either be specified
          as an integer (1=solid, 2=dashed, 3=dotted 4=dot-
          dashed) or as one of the character strings
          `"solid"', `"dashed"', `"dotted"' or `"dot-
          dashed"'.  Alternatively, a string of up to 8
          characters may be given, giving the length (in
          points) of line segments which are alternatively
          drawn and skipped.  For example, `"44"' is dashed
          and `"13"' is dotted.

3) You can more easily specify colors and color palettes.
   plot(x,y, col = "purple")

   => ?colors  

   par(ask = T)
4) You have more par()'s to specify the color and other things of
   main,sub, [xy]lab, .., separately.
	     ==> ?par

5)   There's gamma correction for color.

6)   You can set or fix the aspect ratio of plots  quite generally
      `` par(asp = ..) ''.

     This makes V&R "eqscplot" unnecessary and allows much more;
     further, it allows manual rescaling of the plot and keeps the aspect
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