[R] Question about dotplot

Norm Josephy NJOSEPHY at bentley.edu
Sun Nov 29 18:41:57 CET 1998


I am playing with the dotplot command (in preparation for 
teaching an EDA course). I do not understand the following 
behaviour of dotplot when x is a vector. These examples 
have been tried on both Linux version 0.63 and guido's 
Windows version 0.63 running under Windows 95.
I searched the bug reporting system, but found no mention
of any report concerning dotplot.

x <- 1:26
names(x) <- letters

# y has 10 zeros, 10 ones, and 6 twos.
y <- c(rep(0,10), rep(1,10), rep(2,6)) 
y <- factor(y, labels = c("G1","G2", "G3"))

# lcolor="black" since dotted gray lines don't display
# properly in my Windows version.

dotplot(x,groups=y, lcolor="black") 
The dotplot groups the a-f components of x and labels them 
G1, groups the g-p components of x and labels them G2, and 
groups the q-z components of x and labels them G3. I would 
have expected the first 10 components of x to be grouped 
together with the G1 label, followed by the next 10 
components with label G2, then the last 6 components with 
label G3.

# z has 5 zeros, then 10 ones, then 5 zeros, then 6 ones.
z <- c(rep(0,5), rep(1,10), rep(0,5), rep(1,6))
z <- factor(z, labels = c("G1", "G2"))
dotplot(x,groups=z, lcolor="black")

This groups components a,b,c,d,e,p, then a break, then 
components q,r,s,t, then a break, then f to o, then a break, 
then u to z. The G1 label is aligned at the same level as 
the d entry, and the G2 label is aligned with the m entry.

Does this make sense?

Thank you.

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