[R] Additional autoconf test for linuxppc/mklinux

Fred Bacon bacon at mediaone.net
Tue Nov 24 01:08:35 CET 1998

I am attaching a patch to R-0.63's configure.in file which will enable 
R to detect and use some special math libraries on linuxppc and mklinux.
The patch provides tests for these libraries and enable/disable switches 
for them as well.

One library is the libmoto math library which must be used in
with libm (it only replaces some of libm's functions).  The other is a
RISC optimized BLAS library, libblas_risc, which must be used along with
a standard implementation of BLAS, libblas.  It only provides optimized 
versions of GEMM routines for single and double precision real values.

Please let me know if the tests cause problems on other architectures.

Fred Bacon

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diff -ur R-0.63/configure.in R-0.63.new/configure.in
--- R-0.63/configure.in	Fri Nov 13 13:13:56 1998
+++ R-0.63.new/configure.in	Sun Nov 22 17:54:46 1998
@@ -94,6 +94,14 @@
 ## Here we should maybe check that only one of the above options for
 ## dealing with FORTRAN were specified.
+  [  --enable-libmoto        use libmoto math library (if available)],
+  [ if test "${enableval}"=no;
+      then use_libmoto=false;
+      else use_libmoto=true;
+    fi],
+   use_libmoto=true)
   [  --enable-blas           use BLAS library (if available)],
   [if test "${enableval}" = no;
@@ -102,6 +110,14 @@
+  [  --enable-blas_risc      use RISC Optimized BLAS library (if available)],
+  [ if test "${enableval}" = no;
+     then use_blas_risc=false;  
+     else use_blas_risc=true; use_blas=true;
+    fi],
+    use_blas_risc=true; use_blas=true)
   [  --enable-dxml           use DXML library (if available)],
   [if test "${enableval}" = no;
@@ -396,6 +412,9 @@
 AC_CHECK_LIB(m, sin)
+if ${use_libmoto}; then
+   AC_CHECK_LIB(moto,sin)
 AC_CHECK_LIB(ncurses, main,,
   AC_CHECK_LIB(termcap, main,,
     AC_CHECK_LIB(termlib, main)
@@ -413,6 +432,11 @@
+if ${use_blas_risc}; then
+   AC_CHECK_LIB(blas_risc, main, FLIBS="-lblas_risc ${FLIBS}" BLAS="",,-lblas -lf2c)
 for arg in ${LIBS}; do
   case ${arg} in

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