[R] R-0.63 is released

Peter Dalgaard BSA p.dalgaard at biostat.ku.dk
Fri Nov 13 18:39:07 CET 1998

I've put up R-0.63.0.tgz up for FTP from Auckland some minutes ago.
As usual, don't get it from there unless you are desperate, but wait
for it to be mirrored at a CRAN site near you within a day or two.

For those who *are* desperate, I've left a copy in
(Be gentle, that's my desktop PC!)

Here is the relevant part of the NEWS file:



    o	library(... , warn.conflicts = TRUE)
	now prints all conflicts arising from attaching the given package.

    o	new  .Platform	variable  for better modularizing
	platform dependence. __This_is_"beta"_and_bound_to_be_changed___

    o	new arguments to colnames(..) and 
	rownames(x, do.NULL = TRUE, prefix = "row").
    o	par(bty = "]") for _| box(.) in plots.

    o	New standard package `modreg' (smoothing and local MODern
	REGression methods) contributed by B. D. Ripley.

    o	par() has a `no.readonly = FALSE' argument which allows more
	sensible  op <- par(no.readonly = TRUE);  on.exit(par(op)).

    o	Real Bessel functions of 1st to 3rd kind, of arbitrary order:
	besselI(), besselK(), besselJ(), besselY() are the I(), K(),
	J(), and Y() Bessel functions.

    o	New conflicts() function from B.D.Ripley

    o	uniroot has a new `maxiter' argument and returns #{iter} and

    o	New option `show.coef.Pvalue' (default: TRUE).	If FALSE,
	print.summary.[g]lm does not print P values.

    o	New `R --vanilla' is equivalent to
	  R --no-save --no-restore --no-site-file --no-init-file

    o	gc() has now a `verbose' argument and returns a matrix with free
	and total n- and v-cells(heap).

    o	New example(<foo>) function runs the \emph{Examples} R code of
	<foo>.	example() calls source() which now has a `verbose'
	instead of `debug' argument.

    o	experimental functions [as.|is.|]pairlist() for the few old-style
	dotted pair lists [undocumented].

    o	options(check.bounds = TRUE) makes sub-assignments which
	"stretch" a vector give a warning [dropped undocumented
	check.bounds() function].

    o	Makefiles should now conform (mostly) with the GNU Coding
	Standards.  In particular, `make install', `make uninstall'
	and `make install-strip' now work.
	Also, it is now possible to build R in a non-source directory.

    o	which() preserves names and has a new `arr.ind' argument
	allowing for array indices.

    o	New functions {d,p,q,r}signrank for the Wilcoxon signed rank
	distribution, and {d,p,q,r}wilcox for the Wilcoxon (rank sum)

    o	Command line options GNUified a bit further.
	New command line option `--verbose' for printing more
	information about progress.
	Command line options `--vsize' and `--hsize' as replacements
	for `-v' and `-n' which are now deprecated.
	Added `--silent' as synonym for `--quiet'.
	Short-style option `-V' obsolete.

    o	Added bug.report() to generate & send bug reports from
	within R.

    o	The PostScript device driver now uses the ISO Latin1 font
	encoding.  This should allow Western Europeans to render
	their languages correctly.  It is likely that additional
	encodings will be added (e.g. Latin2) when we figure out
	how to set the correct font encoding in printers.

    o	The mathematical annotation code has been reworked.  Italic
	correction works better.  Additional functionality will be

    o	"sample" now has an optional "prob" argument which gives the
	probabilities of sampling each element in the vector being
	sampled.  The present implementation is based on some code
	from E. S. Venkatraman <venkat at biosta.mskcc.org>.

    o	The internal data structure used to represent lists has
	changed from being based on dotted pairs to generic vectors.
	Users should see no changes as a result (with the exception
	of some efficiency gains in list operations).

    o	Subscripting matches that of S more closely.  It is now
	possible to use subscripting beyond that the end of vectors
	and lists.

    o	Element labelling in "c" and "unlist" should match that of
	of S.

    o	Added split.screen etc functions for manipulating multiple
	screens on a single device

    o	After help.start() the HTML help system is used for all help()
	requests. The name of the browser is now controlled by

    o	Added kmeans to package mva (donated by B. Ripley)

    o	New persp function added.  It is NOT compatible with S (yet)
	and is subject to internal and interface changes.

    o	gctorture() for torturing the garbage collector to reveal
	memory protection bugs. (Call GC on every memory allocation). 

    o	B. Ripley's aov code (and more) has been added. This includes: 

	- aov() now handles models with Error terms, multiple

	- proj(), model.tables(), se.contrast(), replications(),
	  eff.aovlist() are implemented for aov fits, and where
	  appropriate for lm fits.

	- dummy.coef(), with methods for lm and aovlist fits.

	- add1(), drop1(), step() for stepwise fitting of statistical
	  models, with default, lm and glm methods.

	- summary() and deviance() -- mlm methods.

	- kappa()  for estimating condition numbers) 

	- labels() to find a suitable set of labels from an object

	- C() for setting the contrasts of a factor

	- anova(), plot(), summary() and deviance() methods for mlm fits

    o	eval() semantics changed when envir= is a list. A 3rd argument is 
	now allowed, specifying the enclosure (i.e. where R looks for
	variables *not* found in envir=) it defaults to the calling 
	environment (was .GlobalEnv). Note that when used inside a function,
	it is often desirable to set the enclosure to the parent 
	environment instead. [ eval(e, data, sys.frame(sys.parent())) ] 


    o	min(NULL); max(double())  now give warnings.  range() gives NA.

    o	substring("", NULL) no longer segfaults.

    o	formatC(.) now takes default "width = 1" when both width and digits
	are unspecified.

    o	several fixes in internal axis and tickmarks setup for
	"extreme" ranges and values, especially for "log" scaling.

    o	seq(a,a, by=b) now works properly.

    o	print.data.frame(.) now calls print.matrix instead of print(.)
	which finally enables the 'right = TRUE' argument.

    o	R --help  gives more

    o	postscript() now uses 'hyphen' instead of 'plusminus' for a minus.

    o	source(..., echo=TRUE) now puts a `"' if necessary after truncation.

    o	Changes to the PostScript device driver mean that the volume
	of output has been reduced to about a third of what it was.

    o	Fixes and restructuring to name generation in connection with
	unlist() and c().

    o	Many bugs found and fixed in the memory allocation / garbage
	collection area. In particular, the parser was sometimes
	UNPROTECT()ing the wrong pointers.

    o	lm(y[g=="1"]~x[g=="1"]) caused memory corruption

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