[R] DEC alpha INSTALLATION R-0.62.4

Jean-Marie WURTZ wurtz at titus.u-strasbg.fr
Fri Nov 6 10:34:43 CET 1998


Just downloaded the R-0.62.4 of R and tried to install it. With the
standard procedure :


At the end of the compilation I got the following message :
../lib/libunix.a(system.o): main: multiply defined
fort: Severe: Failed while trying to link.
*** Exit 1
*** Exit 1
*** Exit 1
*** Exit 1

I attach the printout after the ./configure and make commands.
Thanks for your help.

				WURTZ Jean-Marie

IGBMC               			E-mail : wurtz at igbmc.u-strasbg.fr 
Laboratoire de Biologie Structurale	Phone :  (33) 3 88 65 35 29
Parc d'Innovation			Fax :	 (33) 3 88 65 32 01
1, rue Laurent Fries, BP 163
gives :
creating cache ./config.cache
checking for a BSD compatible install... /usr/bin/installbsd -c
checking whether ln -s works... yes
checking for ranlib... ranlib
checking for bison... no
checking for byacc... no
checking for ar... ar
checking for ratfor... no
checking for latex... false
checking for dvips... false
checking for perl... /usr/local/bin/perl
checking whether perl is perl 5... yes
checking for gcc... no
checking for cc... cc
checking whether the C compiler (cc  ) works... yes
checking whether the C compiler (cc  ) is a cross-compiler... no
checking whether we are using GNU C... no
checking for ranlib... (cached) ranlib
checking for f77... f77
checking for underscore after Fortran symbols... yes
checking for sin in -lm... yes
checking for main in -lncurses... no
checking for main in -ltermcap... yes
checking for dlopen in -ldl... no
checking for main in -ldxml... no
checking for main in -lblas... no
checking for rl_callback_read_char in -lreadline... no
checking how to run the C preprocessor... cc -E
checking for ANSI C header files... yes
checking for pid_t... yes
checking for vfork.h... no
checking for working vfork... yes
checking for vprintf... yes
checking for acosh... yes
checking for asinh... yes
checking for atanh... yes
checking for bcopy... yes
checking for finite... yes
checking for isnan... yes
checking for matherr... no
checking for memcpy... yes
checking for memmove... yes
checking for regcomp... yes
checking for rint... yes
checking for strcoll... yes
checking for strtod... yes
checking for strtol... yes
checking for times... yes
checking for ANSI C header files... (cached) yes
checking for dl.h... no
checking for dlfcn.h... yes
checking for elf.h... no
checking for locale.h... yes
checking for readline/history.h... no
checking for rpc/xdr.h... yes
checking for sys/times.h... yes
checking for time.h... yes
checking for ieeefp.h... no
checking for ieee754.h... no
checking return type of signal handlers... void
checking for working const... yes
checking for xmkmf... xmkmf
checking how to make shared libraries... done
checking for X... libraries , headers 
checking for dnet_ntoa in -ldnet... no
checking for dnet_ntoa in -ldnet_stub... yes
checking for gethostbyname... yes
checking for connect... yes
checking for remove... yes
checking for shmat... yes
checking for IceConnectionNumber in -lICE... yes
checking for lpr... lpr
updating cache ./config.cache
creating ./config.status
creating Makeconf
creating cmd/fwf2table
creating doc/keyword-test
creating etc/COMPILE
creating etc/INSTALL
creating etc/Makeconf
creating etc/REMOVE
creating etc/Rdconv
creating etc/Rdindex
creating etc/Rman2Rd
creating etc/SHLIB
creating etc/Sd2Rd
creating etc/build-help
creating etc/help.pretty
creating etc/html2dos
creating src/front/R.sh
creating demos/dynload/Makefile
creating doc/manual/lib2tex
creating src/appl/Makefile
creating src/graphics/Makefile
creating src/main/Makefile
creating src/nmath/Makefile
creating src/unix/Makefile
creating src/include/Platform.h

R is now configured for alpha-dec-osf4.0

  Source directory:         .
  Installation directory:   /usr/local
  C compiler:               cc -ieee_with_inexact -g
  FORTRAN compiler:         f77 
------------------------------------------------------------ make gives
make -f Makefile.2nd all
Building R
cd src; make R
Extracting foreign function symbols
cd graphics; make
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c graphics.c
ar cr ../lib/libgraphics.a graphics.o
ranlib ../lib/libgraphics.a
cd nmath; make
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c mlutils.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c d1mach.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c i1mach.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c fmax2.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c fmin2.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c fmod.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c fprec.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c fround.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c ftrunc.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c sign.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c fsign.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c fsquare.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c fcube.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c imax2.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c imin2.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c chebyshev.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c logrelerr.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c lgammacor.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c gammalims.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c gamma.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c lgamma.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c beta.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c lbeta.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c polygamma.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c choose.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c snorm.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c sunif.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c sexp.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c dgamma.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c pgamma.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c qgamma.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c rgamma.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c dbeta.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c pbeta.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c qbeta.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c rbeta.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c dunif.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c punif.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c qunif.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c runif.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c dnorm.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c pnorm.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c qnorm.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c rnorm.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c dlnorm.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c plnorm.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c qlnorm.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c rlnorm.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c df.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c pf.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c qf.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c rf.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c dt.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c pt.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c qt.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c rt.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c dchisq.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c pchisq.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c qchisq.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c rchisq.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c dbinom.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c pbinom.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c qbinom.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c rbinom.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c dcauchy.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c pcauchy.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c qcauchy.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c rcauchy.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c dexp.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c pexp.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c qexp.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c rexp.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c dgeom.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c pgeom.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c qgeom.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c rgeom.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c dhyper.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c phyper.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c qhyper.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c rhyper.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c dnbinom.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c pnbinom.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c qnbinom.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c rnbinom.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c dpois.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c ppois.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c qpois.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c rpois.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c dweibull.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c pweibull.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c qweibull.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c rweibull.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c dlogis.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c plogis.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c qlogis.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c rlogis.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c dnchisq.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c pnchisq.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c qnchisq.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c dnbeta.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c pnbeta.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c pnf.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c pnt.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c ptukey.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c qtukey.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c dwilcox.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c pwilcox.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c qwilcox.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c rwilcox.c
ar cr ../lib/libmath.a mlutils.o  d1mach.o i1mach.o  fmax2.o fmin2.o
fmod.o fprec.o fround.o ftrunc.o  sign.o fsign.o fsquare.o fcube.o 
imax2.o imin2.o  chebyshev.o logrelerr.o lgammacor.o gammalims.o 
gamma.o lgamma.o beta.o lbeta.o polygamma.o  choose.o  snorm.o sunif.o
sexp.o  dgamma.o pgamma.o qgamma.o rgamma.o  dbeta.o pbeta.o qbeta.o
rbeta.o  dunif.o punif.o qunif.o runif.o  dnorm.o pnorm.o qnorm.o
rnorm.o  dlnorm.o plnorm.o qlnorm.o rlnorm.o  df.o pf.o qf.o rf.o  dt.o
pt.o qt.o rt.o  dchisq.o pchisq.o qchisq.o rchisq.o  dbinom.o pbinom.o
qbinom.o rbinom.o  dcauchy.o pcauchy.o qcauchy.o rcauchy.o  dexp.o
pexp.o qexp.o rexp.o  dgeom.o pgeom.o qgeom.o rgeom.o  dhyper.o phyper.o
qhyper.o rhyper.o  dnbinom.o pnbinom.o qnbinom.o rnbinom.o  dpois.o
ppois.o qpois.o rpois.o  dweibull.o pweibull.o qweibull.o rweibull.o 
dlogis.o plogis.o qlogis.o rlogis.o  dnchisq.o pnchisq.o qnchisq.o 
dnbeta.o pnbeta.o  pnf.o pnt.o  ptukey.o qtukey.o  dwilcox.o pwilcox.o
qwilcox.o rwilcox.o
ranlib ../lib/libmath.a
cd appl; make
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c approx.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c bakslv.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c binning.c
f77  -c blas.f -o blas.o
f77  -c ch2inv.f -o ch2inv.o
f77  -c chol.f -o chol.o
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c cpoly.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c cumsum.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c distance.c
f77  -c dpoco.f -o dpoco.o
f77  -c dpodi.f -o dpodi.o
f77  -c dpofa.f -o dpofa.o
f77  -c dposl.f -o dposl.o
f77  -c dqrdc.f -o dqrdc.o
f77  -c dqrdc2.f -o dqrdc2.o
f77  -c dqrls.f -o dqrls.o
f77  -c dqrsl.f -o dql.o
f77  -c dqrutl.f -o dqrutl.o
f77  -c dsvdc.f -o dsvdc.o
f77  -c dtrsl.f -o dtrsl.o
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c eigen.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c fortran.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c fft.c
f77  -c fmin.f -o fmin.o
f77  -c lminfl.f -o lminfl.o
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c lowess.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c machar.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c massdist.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c pretty.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c splines.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c stem.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c strsignif.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c tabulate.c
f77  -c uncmin.f -o uncmin.o
f77  -c zeroin.f -o zeroin.o
ar cr ../lib/libappl.a approx.o  bakslv.o  binning.o  blas.o  ch2inv.o 
chol.o  cpoly.o  cumsum.o  distance.o  dpoco.o  dpodi.o  dpofa.o 
dposl.o  dqrdc.o  dqrdc2.o  dqrls.o  dqrsl.o  dqrutl.o  dsvdc.o 
dtrsl.o  eigen.o  fortran.o  fft.o  fmin.o  lminfl.o  lowess.o 
machar.o  massdist.o  pretty.o  splines.o  stem.o  strsignif.o 
tabulate.o  uncmin.o  zeroin.o
ranlib ../lib/libappl.a
cd unix; make
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g  -I../../src/include  -c dataentry.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g  -I../../src/include  -c devX11.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c devPS.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c dynload.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c edit.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c fileio.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c PostScript.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g  -I../../src/include  -c rotated.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c system.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c devPicTeX.c
ar cr ../lib/libunix.a dataentry.o  devX11.o  devPS.o  dynload.o 
edit.o  fileio.o  PostScript.o  rotated.o  system.o  devPicTeX.o
ranlib ../lib/libunix.a
cd main; make
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c arithmetic.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c array.c

cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c attrib.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c bind.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c builtin.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c character.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c coerce.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c colors.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c complex.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c context.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c cov.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c cum.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c debug.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c deparse.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c deriv.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c devices.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c dotcode.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c dstruct.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c duplicate.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c envir.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c errors.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c eval.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c format.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c fourier.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c iosupport.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c gram.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c list.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c logic.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c main.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c match.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c memory.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c model.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c names.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c objects.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c optimize.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c options.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c par.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c paste.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c plot.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c plot3d.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c plotmath.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c print.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c printarray.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c printvector.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c printutils.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c random.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c relop.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c saveload.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c scan.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c seq.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c sort.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c source.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c split.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c subassign.c
cc: Warning: subassign.c, line 802: In this statement, the expression
"j=++j%k" modifies the variable "j" more than once without an
intervening sequence point.  This behavior is undefined.
                                j = ++j % k;
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c subscript.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c subset.c
cc: Warning: subset.c, line 394: In this statement, the expression
"j=++j%k" modifies the variable "j" more than once without an
intervening sequence point.  This behavior is undefined.
                                j = ++j % k;
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c summary.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c unique.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c util.c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -g -I../../src/include  -c version.c
f77  -o R.binary arithmetic.o  array.o  attrib.o  bind.o  builtin.o 
character.o  coerce.o  colors.o  complex.o  context.o  cov.o  cum.o 
debug.o  deparse.o  deriv.o  devices.o  dotcode.o  dstruct.o 
duplicate.o  envir.o  errors.o  eval.o  format.o  fourier.o 
iosupport.o  gram.o  list.o  logic.o  main.o  match.o  memory.o 
model.o  names.o  objects.o  optimize.o  options.o  par.o  paste.o
plot.o  plot3d.o  plotmath.o  print.o  printarray.o  printvector.o 
printutils.o  random.o  relop.o  saveload.o  scan.o  seq.o  sort.o 
source.o  split.o  subassign.o  subscript.o  subset.o  summary.o 
unique.o  util.o  version.o ../lib/libgraphics.a  ../lib/libunix.a 
../lib/libappl.a  ../lib/libmath.a -lSM -lICE -lX11 -ldnet_stub
-ltermcap -lm 
../lib/libunix.a(system.o): main: multiply defined
fort: Severe: Failed while trying to link.
*** Exit 1
*** Exit 1
*** Exit 1
*** Exit 1
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