R-beta: 0.61.3: Problems on DEC Unix 4.0

Albrecht Gebhardt agebhard at zidsrv.sci.uni-klu.ac.at
Thu May 7 14:51:55 CEST 1998


I had some trouble compiling the new R version on my Alpha:

make[2]: Entering directory `/usr2/local/R/src/graphics'
cc -ieee_with_inexact -O -Olimit 2000 -I/usr/local/include -I../include   -c
cc -ieee_with_inexact -O -Olimit 2000 -I/usr/local/include -I../include   -c
cc: Error: graphics.c, line 808: An unexpected newline character is present in a
string literal.
          printf("Gpretty(%g,%g,%d): cell=%g, ndiv= %d <=0;\t\t(ns,nu)=(%d,%d);


It seems that my DEC cc does not understand strings that fill two lines. 

The solution to this is to join the lines 808 and 809 of src/graphics.c
into one line. 

There is another problem with paste():  it did not work anymore:

> paste("a","b")
Error: memory exhausted

This happens with an empty .RData file, even with "R -v100" and
and plenty of free memory.

Because paste() is used very often, e.g. already in library/base/R/Rprofile
(in getenv("RHOME")) to determine the RHOME variable, R does not work
anymore (But 0.61.1 did).

This happens when I build R on DU 4.0B (with some DEC-Patches
(OSFV40B-patch-133.00 and ...136.00 = threaded libc, ...) applied (OSF1
V4.0 564 alpha). 

The same thing happens when this DU-4.0B binary runs on DU-4.0D (OSF1 V4.0
878 alpha)

Now I compiled R on a the machine running DU 4.0D and the "memory
exhausted"-Problem vanished, and R runs without the memory problem on
this DU-4.0D machine. 

But when I now run the DU-4.0D binary on DU 4.0B I get some kernel

R : Copyright 1998, Robert Gentleman and Ross Ihaka
Version 0.61.3  (May 3, 1998)

R is free software and comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.
You are welcome to redistribute it under certain conditions.
Type    "license()" for details.

Type    "demo()" for some demos, "help()" for on-line help, or
        "help.start()" for a HTML browser interface to help.

inst emulated pid=19282 <R.binary> va=0x11fffdf0e pc=0x3000002dc04

This also happens when I build and run R on an unpatched version of
DU-4.0B. This binary runs without memory error and warnings on DU-4.0D.

So it seems to me that R-0.61.3 will only run without errors or warnings on
DU-4.0D ? 

Has anyone else other experiences with R-0.61.3 on a DEC Alpha?


Now I discarded the DU 4.0B version of R.
But just now I see the next problem (with the DU 4.0D version):
help() does not work:

> help(ls)
Error: subscript out of bounds

hist() does not work:
> x<-rnorm(1000)
> x11()   
> hist(x)
Error: subscript out of bounds

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