R-beta: Problems during compilation of R for Solaris 2.6

Kurt Hornik Kurt.Hornik at ci.tuwien.ac.at
Sat Mar 28 09:31:39 CET 1998

>>>>> Thomas Lumley writes:

> On Fri, 27 Mar 1998, Dott. Nunzia Galdi wrote:
>> I am inexperienced in C program compilation and I receive the following
>> error during the compilation of R (version 0.61.2) for Solaris 2.6.
>> I have installed the gcc 2.8.0 version.
>> >> gcc  -o R.binary arithmetic.o  array.o  attrib.o  bind.o  builtin.o  character.o  >> coerce.o  colors.o  complex.o  context.o  cov.o  cum.o  dataframe.o  debug.o  >> deparse.o  deriv.o  dotcode.o  dstruct.o  duplicate.o  envir.o  errors.o  eval.o  >> format.o  fourier.o  iosupport.o  gram.o  list.o  logic.o  main.o  match.o  memory.o >> model.o  names.o  objects.o  optimize.o  options.o  par.o  paste.o plot.o  plot3d.o  >> plotmath.o  print.o  printarray.o  printvector.o  printutils.o  random.o  relop.o  >> saveload.o  scan.o  seq.o  sort.o  source.o  split.o  subassign.o  subscript.o  >> subset.o  summary.o  unique.o  util.o  version.o ../lib/libgraphics.a  >> ../lib/libunix.a  ../lib/libappl.a  ../lib/libmath.a -lSM -lICE -L/usr/openwin/lib >> -R/usr/openwin/lib -lX11 -lsocket  -lnsl -ldl -lreadline -ltermcap -lm
>> >>
>> >> Undefined                       first referenced
>> >>  symbol                             in file
>> >> xrealloc                            /usr/local/lib/libreadline.a(readline.o)
>> >> xmalloc                             /usr/local/lib/libreadline.a(readline.o)
>> >> ld: fatal: Symbol referencing errors. No output written to R.binary

> I have this problem under SunOS.  It seems that there is something wrong
> with your system's version of the readline library.  You can either get a
> new version (from any GNU archive) or build R without readline support.
> This disables the nice command-line editing features, but you can get them
> back by running R under emacs using ESS (see the R FAQ for details).

> You can disable readline support by removing the line
>    #define HAVE_LIBREADLINE 1
> from src/include/Platform.h

> (In theory you should be able to just do 
> 	configure --without-readline
>  but this hasn't been implemented)

In practice and 0.62, it is there, but called --enable-readline.

	./configure --enable-readline		# use readline
	./configure --enable-readline=yes	# use readline

	./configure --enable-readline=no	# don't use it

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