R-beta: feedback R-0.62.2

Rashid Nassar rnassar at acpub.duke.edu
Tue Jul 28 02:47:27 CEST 1998

Some  observations as feedback on minor points that I came across
while enjoying [R-0.62.2]:

1. par(bty="n"): sometimes (depending on data) points appear to
"spill out" of the plot using default xlim and ylim values (are default
axes a bit too short?)

2. points(x,y,pch="c") allows points to plot outside existing plot
box (an interesting feature, but may be a bug?); e.g.,

> plot(runif(500),runif(500),pch=".")
> points(rnorm(500)+.5,rnorm(500)+.5,pch="x") 
                                  #points all over window (pch="c")
> points(rnorm(500)+.5,rnorm(500)+.5,pch=4,col=2) 
                                  #points only within box (pch=n)

3. Typo in locfit() help screen (0.62.1):


        An object with class "locfit". A standard set of meth-
        ods for printing, ploting, etc. these objects is pro-

4.  Boxplot: The first three work; the last doesn't:

> plot(A~y)    # A is factor
> plot(y,A)
> boxplot(A~y)

> boxplot(y,A)
Error: "+" not meaningful for factors
5. summary(aov.obj) does not print the formula (does not parallel
output of, e.g., summary(lm.obj) )

6. using poly(x,n) as argument of lm(): doesn't deal with missing values
in x; gives error message: 

Error: NAs in foreign function call (arg 1)

Thank you.

Rashid Nassar

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