R-beta: R-0.62.2 is released

Peter Dalgaard BSA p.dalgaard at biostat.ku.dk
Fri Jul 10 14:35:41 CEST 1998

I have just put R-0.62.2.tgz and R-0.62.1-0.62.2.diff.gz into the FTP
area at Auckland. As usual, do not fetch it from there unless
absolutely urgent, because of the NZ Internet billing system. The
files should get mirrored to the main CRAN site in Vienna tonight and
the rest of CRAN within days.

[This time I seem to have managed to get the release out on the same
date for all core team members -- the Auckland time stamps say "Jul 10

This is a patch release, mainly fixing bugs, but we have also let some
new features slip in this time.

Here's the top of the CHANGES file:


(The new functions predict.glm, poly, aov, alias, biplot.default and
biplot.princop, update.default and rug all come from Brian D. Ripley,
who is also responsible for finding and/or fixing a lot of the bugs)


    o   predict.glm() added.

    o   text() is generic.

    o   update.default() (replaces update.glm() and update.lm()).
        (This will only work if you comment out update.lm and
	update.glm in the sources, or disable them with
	update.lm<-function(object,...)NextMethod(), etc.)

    o	predict.lm() changed towards S-plus compatibility. Intervals are
	still available via interval= argument.

    o	zapsmall() function.

    o	polygon() now handles NAs

    o	options(show.signif.stars = TRUE).  If FALSE,
	summary.lm and similar functions do *not* print significance stars

    o	poly() for [g]lm modelling.

    o	aov()	for Analysis Of Variance [anova].

    o	alias() for displaying ``aliased'' factor levels in (>=2)way anova.

    o	mva: Now has  biplot and biplot.princomp

    o	rug() plot.

    o	new  src/library/profile/Common.R   for	 OS-independent intialization.

    o   new date stamp mechanism (ensures that prerelease versions carry
        correct date)


    o   abbreviate() now always retains the first letter. 

    o   attr() partial matches for attribute name.

    o   axis() accepts graphical parameters.

    o   binomial() accepts factor responses.

    o   cbind() works with data frames. 

    o   contrasts() gives simpler labels (like S) for factors with
        two levels.

    o   contrasts<-() now has a how.many= argument.

    o   contour() and image() can accept a list to specify the matrix.

    o   contr.poly() uses orthogonal polynomials (like S) not raw

    o   data() could fail with a partial match to the dataset name.

    o   density() works correctly if from= or to= are used.
            n= can now take any value, not just a large power of 2.

    o   expand.grid() now accepts more than two arguments, 
        or a list of factors.

    o   factor() and ordered() handle their levels argument better.

    o   family.glm() now returns the correct family (including link etc).

    o   legend() now knows about lwd.

    o   match.args() works correctly for default arguments.

    o   model.frame.lm() did not invoke `lm'.

    o   model.matrix() calls model.frame() if needed.

    o   model.response() now returns names, so glm() gives names to
        residuals, fitted values, etc.

    o   quasi() works in glm() (was missing aic component).

    o   seq() sometimes omitted the final value due to rounding error.

    o   terms.formula() and update.formula() now resolve `.' in formulae
        and tidy up `(a + b) - b' etc.
    o   ... is now passed down correctly to functions inside functions.

    o   save.image didn't work (Martyn Plummer)

    o   abs() instead of fabs() in seq.c crashed R on Digital Unix

    o   model.matrix() gagged on variables with complicated names 

    o   saturated models acting up in glm

    o   various improvement of build procedures

    o   rbind(NULL, matrix) core dump

    o	density() default 'bw' now 0.9*(...) instead of 1.06*(...)
				[=Silverman's rule of thumb].

    o	detach(2) now works.

    o	format() doesn't drop names anymore.

    o	format.pval() works with NAs.

    o	print.[summary.][g]lm() functions print numbers better formatted.

    o	legend() now also works properly in  log coordinates.

    o	backsolve() now working;  bakslv.c not depending on

    o	Tick marks acting up on log axes in postscript (fix from Martyn Plummer)

    o	The Rd format has a new section \details{} (needed for proper
	Sd2Rd translation). \R was not understood for nroff
	conversions, longer dashes (-- and --- in latex syntax) are
	now converted properly.

    o	prompt.default() now carries "\details{}".

    o	R [ SHLIB | COMPILE ] were broken on some Solaris systems
	due to use of bash syntax. R [ INSTALL | COMPILE | SHLIB ]
	now use a MAKE environment variable if present.
	R INSTALL only rebuilds man pages if they are not already
	up to date.

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