R-beta: Fig driver for "R"?

Wojtek Zabolotny wzab at ipe.pw.edu.pl
Fri Jan 30 12:12:27 CET 1998

    Hello all R users and developers!

In the "Notes on R" I have found the following information:
(page 60, 13-th footnote) "... a better solution is to use the fig()
driver (available from statlib) and use a conversion program, such as
fig2dev, to convert the resultant fig code to Encapsulated Podtscript."
I was very glad to read it, because I'm often forced to use specifically
Polish characters (like L-stroke, a-ogonek etc.) in my drawings' legend,
and passing the texts through fig2dev gives a possibility to use LaTeX
(in fact "babel") syntax for defining international characters.

I downloaded the fig driver from statlib (http://lib.stat.cmu.edu/S/),
and try to compile it, however without success. The gcc complains about
"device.h" file, which is not available (even in R sources).
Where can I find this file?

                 Thanks in advance
                 Wojciech Zabolotny
                 wzab at ipe.pw.edu.pl
BTW. The "fig" driver is very old ()
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