R-beta: New version 0.61.1

Peter Dalgaard BSA p.dalgaard at biostat.ku.dk
Sun Jan 11 17:47:07 CET 1998

The R core team proudly presents:

       -R 0.61.1-

I've just rolled together a new patch release.

It's available from the Auckland repository now, but please do not get
it from there unless you are in a terrible hurry. It should find its
way to the main CRAN site in Vienna this evening and then to the rest
of the CRAN sites. 

There's also a patch file, R-0.61-0.61.1.diff.gz, which you can apply
to an existing R-0.61 tree. Note that the proper patch procedure is as
follows -- assuming that your current working directory is the top
directory of R-0.61 and the patch file is in the parent directory.

gzip -dc ../R-0.61-0.61.1.diff.gz | patch -E -p1

or on most installations, equivalently

zcat ../R-0.61-0.61.1.diff.gz | patch -E -p1

The above requires that you have GNU "patch" installed. At least one
system (Solaris) ships with a different "patch", which exhibits some
annoying bits of braindamage. If you want to use it, you're on your

I removed changes to the file src/main/gram.c from the patchfile,
because they amounted almost two thirds of the patchfile and the file
is automatically generated from src/main/gram.y anyway. 

A few systems may not have a parser generator installed, and for the
benefit of those, I've also put up a R-0.61-0.61.1.diff.w.gram.c.gz
file. Note that you may need a "touch src/main/gram.c" to prevent
"make" from trying to rebuild it.

Here's the list of changes relative to 0.61 (from the CHANGES file):

                CHANGES IN R VERSION 0.61.1


    o   None (by definition, x.y.z releases are bugfix releases now)


    o   Return statements of the form return(x,y) will now return
        a list with named components.

    o   Parsing of nested "if" statments was broken.  This is fixed now.
        (Reported by Paul Gilbert).

    o   Wrong declaration of ConsoleBufCnt in src/main/scan.c caused crash
        in Irix (George White <gwhite at bodnext.bio.dfo.ca>)

    o   if(nmatch = 0) bug in src/main/character.c fixed (Doug Bates)

    o   R_alloc/S_alloc fixes. The former allocated 4 times more than
        needed, the latter zeroed half of what it got, sizeof() mistakes
        in both cases.

    o   c(ordered factor) caused segfault (uninitalised pointer), now

    o   behaviour of as.numeric() on factors changed recently; now

    o   model.matrix() now pays attention to the names on its dataframe

    o   Fixes to group methods.

    o   autoload() caused infinite loop if function  wasn't found in
        library on loading

    o   The pager ate the rest of stdin in batch mode, now fixed. Also,
        stdout was not flushed before call to system(). "make tests"
        should work now.

    o   Empty directories now created by configure (so that it doesn't
        matter that "CVS export" doesn't do it)

    o   as.name() made idempotent (i.e. if is.name(x) then as.name(x)==x)

    o   3 problems with glm, 2 in glm.fit and a one in print.glm fixed
        [Jim Lindsey]

    o   binomial (family) now works when 'n=0'. [J.Lindsey]

    o   split() now also works in split(1:10,1:2)

    o   strsplit() now also works for strsplit(c,NULL)

    o   A LANG='..' environment variable no longer affects  scan()ing of

    o   seq(.) doesn't segfault anymore in  gl(2,3):gl(1,6)

    o   contour(.) now also works with integer arguments

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