[R] dyn.load and/or add new package (Windows 98)

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  Givn all this talk about compilers and dyn.load, I just wanted to point
out the above address. The tmake does following: (from the website)

tmake is an easy-to-use tool for creating and maintaining makefiles across
many platforms and compilers. The idea is that you should spend your time
writing code, not makefiles. The tmake project was started around mid 1996
and has become a popular tool for creating makefiles. tmake can also
generate Microsoft Visual Studio project (.dsp) files, something which
facilitates efficient use of Visual Studio in the development of Qt
tmake was originally written for creating Qt-based programs, but can also be
employed for other types of projects: 
     C and C++ programs and libraries 
     Qt programs 
     OpenGL programs 
     X11 programs 
     Unix shared objects 
     Windows applications 
     Windows DLLs (e.g. Netscape Plugins) 
     Shared and static libraries 
     Custom makefiles (requires some knowledge of Perl) 
tmake is based on interpreting makefile templates containing Perl code and
is therefore very customizable. 
Supported platforms: AIX, Data General, FreeBSD, HPUX, SGI Irix, Linux,
NetBSD, OpenBSD, OSF1/DEC, SCO, Solaris, SunOS, Ultrix, Unixware and Win32. 
  Given how many different platform R supports, I think this would be nice
to use. I frankly would love to just use VC++ rather than other compilers on
NT (possible conflict with VC++ with Cygnus when I type make on the
prompt). Some of you might know about tmake, but I thought others might not.
It uses Perl (yuk), but I heard pretty good things about it from Python
people too.
  I just decided to sneak this in while things are still little off-topic.

BTW: I am not a MS fan, but my Sys Admin told me that I am on my own if I
use something else besides VC++. I "love" to keep on getting support.

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> On Wed, Dec 02, 1998 at 09:48:54PM +0000, Douglas Steele wrote:
> > If there have been further developments since then I would of course be
> > interested.
>   Douglas,
>   dll's made natively using the linker of the Cygnus B20 seems
>   to work well everywhere. 
>   Brian Ripley (look to the Instructions in his makehelp.zip 
>   file, or to the V&R R complement) has detailed what must be
>   done.
>   And thanks again for all your testing.
>   g.
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