[Rd] assignment

Gabor Grothendieck ggrothend|eck @end|ng |rom gm@||@com
Mon Dec 27 14:33:57 CET 2021

In a recent SO post this came up (changed example to simplify it
here).  It seems that `test` still has the value sin.

  test <- sin
  environment(test)$test <- cos
  ## [1] 0

It appears to be related to the double use of `test` in `$<-` since if
we break it up it works as expected:

  test <- sin
  e <- environment(test)
  e$test <- cos
  ## [1] 1

`assign` also works:

  test <- sin
  assign("test", cos, environment(test))
  ## [1] 1

Can anyone shed some light on this?

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