[Rd] hashtab address arg

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Sat Dec 18 11:50:54 CET 2021

Hi everyone,

I've seen and tried in R Devel the new hashtabs experimental feature, which
is fine and fast. It could be a new possibility for developers ! However,
I'm a bit troubled about the "address" argument. What is it intended for
since (as far as I know) "address equality" is until now something that
isn't really let for the user to decide within R.
At my modest level, the only time I've encountered address equality within
base R is for s3 double dispatch, and that's also the only time I've had
managed to get non-crossplatform code with standard base R code, and
without searching for it.
So what is it for ?

Sorry if the answer is obvious (but unknown to me) and thanks for your work,


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