[Rd] Feature request: Change default library path on Windows

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Mon Dec 13 13:02:14 CET 2021

The default was now changed in R-devel to the local application data 
(e.g. C:\Users\username\AppData\Local), which should solve the issues 
with synchronization/backup/etc services and seems to be more in line 
with conventions for the OS. It is a hidden folder, to open in Windows 
explorer one can use e.g. shell.exec() from R.


On 7/27/21 1:12 PM, Tomas Kalibera wrote:
> On 7/26/21 1:44 AM, Steve Haroz wrote:
>> Thanks Ben. I just sent a request for a bugzilla login.
>> Jeroen chimed in earlier in support.
> Please note this has been reported, discussed and considered already, 
> last time in PR#17842 (though proposing a different replacement for 
> the default).
> I think changing the default from user documents to something else 
> would make sense to consider together with some other breaking change 
> for users, not in isolation, if at all. While the change may help 
> users with a quota on the documents directory (e.g. shared on a cloud, 
> backup, etc), it will make it harder to find the library for others, 
> who would not notice the change to the documented behavior, and I 
> assume that would still be a much larger group.
> Of course it does not help that it is not clear what the correct 
> location should be now, and certainly there is little hope it won't 
> change again, soon. My understanding is that the choice was originally 
> correct when made, following the Microsoft guidelines.
> As discussed here as well, users may choose their own library path 
> (?.libPaths).
> The installation location for R itself can be changed e.g. via /DIR 
> option of the installer (see /?). This is useful e.g. when installing 
> R only for the current user (/CURRENTUSER) and it impacts also the 
> location of the library - it is then inside the given tree.
> Best
> Tomas
>> Cheers,
>> Steve
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