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Wed Jun 10 06:22:14 CEST 2020

On 10/06/2020 00:39, peter dalgaard wrote:
> Yes and no... At least as I understand it (Disclaimer: There are things I am pretty sure that I don't understand properly, somewhere in the Bermuda triangle beween CA bundles, TLS protocols, and Server-side settings), there are two sided to this:
> One is that various *.r-project.org servers got hit by a fumble where a higher-up certificate in the chain of trust expired before the *.r-project.org one. This was fixed by changing the certificate chain on each server.
> The other side is that this situation hit Mac users harder than others, because Apple's LibreSSL doesn't have the same feature that openSSL has to detect a secondary chain of trust when the primary one expired. This was not unique to R - svn also failed from the command line - but it did affect download.file() inside R.
> The upshot is that there might be 3rd party servers with a similar certificate setup which have not been updated like *.r-project.org. This is not too unlikely since web browsers do not have trouble accessing them, and the whole matter may go undetected. For such servers, download.file() would still fail.

A dozen or so packages fail their CRAN checks because of this.  The most 
common problematic site has been reported to its web admins, but not 

> I.e., there is a case to be made that we might want to link openSSL rather than LibreSSL.  On the other hand, I gather that newer versions of LibreSSL contain the relevant protocol upgrade, so maybe one can just wait for Apple to update it. Or maybe we do want to link R against openSSL, but almost certainly not for a hotfix release.

This is not just a macOS issue: most CRAN failures are seen on Debian 
and Solaris as well as macOS (but not Fedora).  And a different one (3 
packages by the same author misusing RCurl to set a <= 2014 root 
certificate bundle) is seen only on Fedora.

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