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>>>>> Spencer Graves 
>>>>>     on Tue, 28 Jan 2020 17:24:14 -0600 writes:

    > On 2020-01-28 05:13, Martin Maechler wrote:
    >>>>>>> Spencer Graves
    >>>>>>> on Mon, 27 Jan 2020 23:02:28 -0600 writes:

    > <snip>
    >> Still, as Abby mentioned,  turning a simple function into the
    >> default method of an S3 generic is easy to do, but comes with a
    >> bit of cost, not just S3 dispatch which typically is negligable in
    >> graphics, but a bit of maintenance cost and mostly in this case
    >> the cost of breaking back compatibility by the improvement.
    >> How many plots will change where people have already relied on
    >> the current   as.numeric(x)   behavior?
    >> If we'd change this in R's graphics, it will be
    >> - me and/or the CRAN team who have to contact CRAN package
    >> maintainer about problems
    >> (maybe none, as the change may not break any checks)
    >> - Users of matplot() {& matlines() & matpoints()}  who may have to
    >> adopt their calls to these functions {I'm pretty sure all
    >> three would have to change for consistency}.
    >> ----- and then, there are quite a few other changes,  bug
    >> assignments to which I have committed which should be
    >> dealt with rather before this.
    >> If you'd turn this into a proper "wishlist"  "bug" report
    >> on R's bugzilla, *and* you or another volunteer provided a patch
    >> to the R sources (including changes to man/*.Rd, NAMESPACE, ..)
    >> which then can be tested to pass 'make check-all',
    >> then I'd definitely commit to this
    >> (possibly too late for R 4.0.0;  teaching starts here soon, etc).

    >       1.  What do you suggest I do to get acceptable copies of 
    > ~man/matplot.Rd and ~R/matplot.R -- and preferably the entire "graphics" 
    > package, so I can do R CMD build, check, etc., as I've done for 15 years 
    > or so with other R packages?

Getting the full source of R, either

1) from svn.r-project.org :

	svn checkout https://svn.r-project.org/R/trunk R-devel 

   where the R source is maintained, or more easily if you have never
   worked with 'svn'
2) if you know git well, you can use the github *mirror* of svn.r-project.org,
  at https://github.com/wch/r-source/

3) most easily for most :  as tarball from CRAN

   wget https://cloud.r-project.org/src/base-prerelease/R-devel.tar.gz

   tar xf R-devel.tar.gz
   cd R-devel
   ls -lt src/library/graphics/{R,man}/matplot*

    >       2.  Then you'd like me to revise matplot.Rd to include 
    > appropriate examples that work fine with fda::matplot but malfunction 
    > with graphics::malfunction, then revise matplot.R so it fixed the 
    > problem?  And you want a fix that does NOT convert "matplot" to generic, 
    > and retains the current "as.numeric(x)" step except when inherits(x, 
    > "Date") or inherits(x, "POSIXct")?

well... this would be for you or anybody else who'd like to help
the R project advance here.

HOWEVER, see below ..

    >       3.  Then you want me to submit a "wishlist" "bug" report to 
    > "https://bugs.r-project.org/bugzilla/index.cgi" including all changes to 
    > matplot.Rd and matplot.R?  If I don't convert "matplot" to generic, then 
    > there should be no need for changes to NAMESPACE, correct?

that's correct.

However:  Thanks to the R-devel conversation with you, my
	  thoughts have continued after writing my previous
	  e-mail, and I've started to look into the source,
	  i.e., matplot.R,

*and* worked out the solution myself: It now looks as I've been
able to change matplot() such that it typically does *not* use
matrix() nor as.matrix() for input 'x' of class "Date" or
"POSIXct" (or many similar S3 objects x) but rather uses the

	  dim(x) <- c(n, m)

trick to turn x into a matrix .. which BTW does work for fine to
turn "Date" or "POSIXct" into matrices though you do *not* notice
that (!!) from print()ing them nor from str(.) --- the latter IMO 
a buglet in the corresponding str() method).

I've spent some time to ensure matplot(x) continues to work when
'x' is a numeric data frame or a Matrix-package sparse matrix, etc,

I've run checks and will do some more but plan to commit this
version of matplot() to  R-devel within a few days,
so there's no need for now for anybody else to work on this.


    >       An answer to question "1" with "yes" to questions "2" and "3" 
    > should get me started.

which for now should not be necessary:

I attach a cut'n'paste version of  my new (not yet committed)
version of matplot() for you to test (file name 'matplot-1.R')

Best, Martin

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