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Mon Jan 13 22:18:57 CET 2020

On 13 January 2020 at 14:51, Therneau, Terry M., Ph.D. wrote:
| 3. Dirk gave good input about the flags in R CMD check and how to find them.   One more 
| line in the "Writing R Extensions" manual would have been helpful, namely that many of the 
| options are NOT available in the options() command nor as arguments to R.    As near as I 
| can tell, there is no way to turn on these logic checks within a standard R session.   A 

Section 8 of R Internals:

   8 Tools

   The behavior of 'R CMD check' can be controlled through a variety of
   command line arguments and environment variables.


or online at


Also, if I may, and as I may not have been clear enough earlier (as it
confused at least Martin): these "rolling" tightenings of "standards" and
tests are IMHO one the many rather clever "devices" R Core and CRAN use to
keep improving the quality of the code we all produce.  It's a good thing.

That said, and just like Terry, I have also searched many times for these
variables, and part of me thinks that it a crime that the material is spread
over (at least) three different manuals but _c'est la vie_. Until we get a
dedicated volunteer editor, or, deity forbid we decide to spend some
(collective) money on professional documentation.


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