[Rd] as-cran issue

Therneau, Terry M., Ph.D. therne@u @end|ng |rom m@yo@edu
Mon Jan 13 17:46:18 CET 2020

Thanks for the feedback Dirk.   I sent my follow-up before I saw it.

Looking at the source code, it appears that there is no options() call to turn this on. 
Nor does "R --help" reveal a command line option.
How then does a user turn this on outside of the R CMD check envirionment, so as to chase 
things like this down?

The fact that 1. renaming my function makes the error go away, 2. my function is just a 
wrapper to inherits(), and 3. its a new error in code that hasn't changed, all point me 
towards some oddity with the check function.


On 1/13/20 10:22 AM, Dirk Eddelbuettel wrote:
> On 13 January 2020 at 10:02, Therneau, Terry M., Ph.D. via R-devel wrote:
> | Where can I find out (and replicate) what options as-cran turns on?
> See the file src/library/tools/R/check.R in the R sources, and grep for
> as_cran which is the internal variable controlled by the --as-cran option
> [...]
> | The check log contains multiple instances of the lines below:
> |
> | < Warning message:
> | < In if (ismat(kmat)) { :
> | <   the condition has length > 1 and only the first element will be used
> |
> | I don't see how the error could arise, but if I know what as-cran is doing perhaps I can
> | replicate it.
> This was widely discussed on this list and should also be in the NEWS file.
> The change is about what the message says: the if () tests a scalar logical,
> it appears that ismat(kmat) returns more than a scalar.
> There has always been an opt-in for this to error -- cf many messages by Henrik
> over the years as he tried to convince us all to use it more.
> Dirk

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