[Rd] class(<matrix>) |--> c("matrix", "arrary") [was "head.matrix ..."]

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Tue Nov 12 22:18:35 CET 2019

On 11/12/19 12:21, Abby Spurdle wrote:
> <polite mode>
>>     x %inherits% "data.frame"
> IMHO, I think that user-defined binary operators are being over-used
> within the R community.
> I don't think that they're "cute" or stylish.
> I think their use should be limited to cases, where they significantly
> increase the readability of the code.
> However, readability, is a (partly) subjective topic...
> </pilote mode>

You can have your own rant about "user-defined binary operators being 
over-used within the R community" without suggesting that my rant was 
rude. I don't think it was and, in any case, I was not going after a 
individual in particular. Contrary to popular belief and to what I tell 
my daughter, rolling your eyes in public is not rude at all and is 
actually a lot of fun. You should try it ;-)

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