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Fri Nov 1 13:11:27 CET 2019

Hi All

Can you help me understand the meaning of the below error message then I
will try to figure out what is going wrong:

*Input Code:*
> bodlane2 <- lapply(
+   lapply(split(lctolc2, lctolc2$Item), function(x) graph.data.frame(x[,
+   function(x) lapply(
+     V(x)[degree(x, mode = "in") == 0],
+     function(s) all_simple_paths(x, from = s,
+                                  to = V(x)[degree(x, mode = "out") == 0])
+       lapply(
+         function(y) as.data.table(t(names(y))) %>% setnames(paste0("LC",
+       ) %>%
+       rbindlist(use.names=TRUE,fill = TRUE)
+   ) %>% rbindlist(use.names=TRUE,fill = TRUE)
+ ) %>% rbindlist(use.names=TRUE,fill = TRUE, idcol = "Item")

*Error message:*
Error in rbindlist(., use.names = TRUE, fill = TRUE, idcol = "Item") :
  attempt to set index 8424/8424 in SET_STRING_ELT
In addition: There were 50 or more warnings (use warnings() to see the
first 50)

I am not understanding what is in SET_STRING_ELT which it is trying to
throw an error.
Please help me


*Anshul Saravgi*

m: 7757030307

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