[Rd] Use of C++ in Packages

cstrato c@tr@to @end|ng |rom @on@@t
Sat Mar 30 15:08:33 CET 2019


It may or may not be of interest to you but an example how to access R 
functions from C++ can be found in the ROOT C++ framework, ROOT Version 
6, see e.g.:
with an example shown in:

BTW, I strongly disagree that C++ does not have  a bright future!

Best regards,
C.h.r.i.s.t.i.a.n   S.t.r.a.t.o.w.a
V.i.e.n.n.a           A.u.s.t.r.i.a
e.m.a.i.l:        cstrato at aon.at

P.S.: Accessing a complete C++ program (based on ROOT Version 5) from R 
is shown in my Bioconductor package 'xps'

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