[Rd] Object.size() should not visit every element for alt-rep strings, or there should be an altstring_objectsize_method

Travers Ching tr@ver@c @end|ng |rom gm@||@com
Thu Jan 31 09:10:15 CET 2019

Below is a toy alt-rep string example, that generates N random strings:


`x <- altrandomStrings(1e8)`
[1] "2PN0bdwPY7CA8M06zVKEkhHgZVgtV1" "5PN2qmWqBlQ9wQj99nsQzldVI5ZuGX" ...

Object.size will call the `set_altstring_Elt_method` for every single
element, materializing (slowly) every element of the vector.  This is
a problem mostly in R-studio since object.size is called
automatically, defeating the purpose of alt-rep entirely.

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