[Rd] strtoi output of empty string inconsistent across platforms

Michael Chirico mich@elchirico4 @ending from gm@il@com
Fri Jan 11 07:36:17 CET 2019

Identified as root cause of a bug in data.table:


On my machine, strtoi("", base = 2L) produces NA_integer_ (which seems
consistent with ?strtoi: "Values which cannot be interpreted as integers or
would overflow are returned as NA_integer_").

But on all the other machines I've seen, 0L is returned. This seems to be
consistent with the output of a simple C program using the underlying
strtol function (see data.table link for this program, and for full
sessionInfo() of some environments with differing output).

So, what is the correct output of strtoi("", base = 2L)? Is the
cross-platform inconsistency to be expected/documentable?

Michael Chirico

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