[Rd] issue with testInstalledPackage

Therneau, Terry M., Ph.D. therne@u @ending from m@yo@edu
Mon Nov 26 21:42:36 CET 2018

Background: I run tools::testInstalledPackage on all packages that dependend on survival 
(605 as of today) before sending a new release to CRAN. It has a few false positives which 
I then follow up on.  (Mostly packages with as-yet-incomplete tests in their inst directory).

  Issue: testInstalledPackage("mets")  generates an  "Error in checkVignettes(pkg, 
lib.loc, latex = FALSE, weave = TRUE)" message, which stops my script.  The source code 
for that package passes R CMD check.
I can easily work around this in the short term by adding mets to my do-not-check list.

Footnote: the newer "check_packages_in_dir" routine doesn't work for me.   The biggest 
reason is that it doesn't have a way to give a list of packages to skip.  My little 
desktop box doesn't have every linux library (cryptography, geospatial, etc.), nor do I 
load up bioconductor; which leads to a boatload of false positives.  I keep adding things 
but the packages add faster.

Terry T.

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