[Rd] error unserializing ascii format (v2 or v3)

Michael Sannella m@@nnell @ending from tibco@com
Wed Nov 7 23:35:54 CET 2018

I ran into an interesting error unserializing a file created with

R 3.5.1 (Windows or Linux):
    > unserialize(serialize(list(raw=as.raw(c(39,41))), NULL, version=2,
    Error in unserialize(serialize(list(raw = as.raw(c(39, 41))), NULL,
version = 2,  :
      ReadItem: unknown type 29, perhaps written by later version of R

The same error happens when the serialization is done with version=2
or version=3.  It does not happen if the serialization is done with

Note that 0x29 == 41.  It looks like unserialize is reading the wrong

I tried this in earlier versions of R on Windows, and the same error
happens in every version from R-2.15.3 (the earliest I have) on up.

  ~~ Michael Sannella

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